Having suffered with neck pain and headaches for years, the hands on treatment, advice and exercises provided for me by Linda has relieved me of my symptoms.

The self help tips she recommended help to stop the tension building up again.

Hilary, Luton

A fall left me with an injured knee. Linda expertly diagnosed the problem and gave me some treatment.

There was an immediate improvement and she gave me a regime of exercises to practise at home to continue my progress.

Lisa, Bedfordshire

I had pain in my elbow and Linda accurately diagnosed a tennis elbow caused by overuse of the computer mouse and poor posture. Linda not only treated my elbow, but also my neck, thoracic spine and arm. She also advised me about how to correct my posture at work, told me to regularly move and stretch to prevent reoccurrence.

Peter, Luton

I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis years ago. Monthly treatments from Linda keep my neck moving and pain to a minimum. I am able to continue with all my usual activities because of the hour long therapy sessions which leave me relaxed and flexible. She has always maintained a professional, but friendly relationship with me over the years and I really enjoy our sessions together.

Christine, Luton

I started jogging again at the age of 62 but by 64 I had developed a very sore Achilles insertional tendinopathy. The hospital specialist recommended two possible treatment but told me to stop running altogether which I was not prepared to do as at my age I would probably never start running again. Mrs Allsop was prepared to offer physiotherapy treatment alongside a managed reduction in my exercise routine with progressively intense home heel exercises. We timed in a short break in jogging followed by gradual reinstatement. Within the expected 12 week period I was 90% recovered and now I am back to my normal mileage.

Peter, Luton

After my second pregnancy I suffered with low back pain. Thankfully Linda helped me by teaching me a regime of graded core and Pilates exercises, which have strengthened my back so I can cope with daily life with the children.

Lisa, Flitwick

I suffered a whiplash injury after a RTA. Prompt treatment and advice from Linda got me back to work and enjoying my usual activities in just a short time.

Emma, Shefford