You will undoubtedly have many questions concerning your circumstances and treatment plan. If your question is not covered by the information that follows please get in touch by email or telephone.

What should I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing is ideal. For lower back, hip, and leg problems, a pair of shorts is best.

Are you just going to give me exercises?

No, after the initial examination and diagnosis a treatment plan will be compiled and started in the first session. This will usually consist of hands on treatment ( manipulation/mobilisations and massage), electrotherapy (ultrasound, interferential, TENS) and exercises.

Will Physiotherapy help me?

The initial examination will enable me to answer this question. Should I feel that physiotherapy treatment is not appropriate for your condition I will refer you to the correct medical personnel.

Do I need to see my GP before making an appointment?

No, it is not necessary.

Will I get any treatment at my first appointment?

Yes. After a thorough examination there will be enough time to give you an explanation of the problem, appropriate treatment and also advice on how to help yourself at home and any necessary exercises.

Would you be able to tell me what my problem is?

Yes, a clinical diagnosis will be given after the initial examination.

Why should I see a private Physiotherapist?

Immediate, convenient treatment will enable you to make a more rapid recovery. Up to hour long treatment sessions allow you lots of time to receive individual attention and advice tailored to your needs.

By which methods do you accept payment?

Cash or cheque

Will my private medical insurance company pay?

Patients often use their private medical insurance to pay for physiotherapy. I often deal with the insurance companies directly or I give you a receipt after payment allowing you to claim your money back.

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